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When the nose becomes a desert?

A dry nose is a frequently occurring problem

It not only affects all age groups, but can crop up at any time of the
year. Possible causes include side effects from specific drugs, heated
and air-conditioned rooms, dust or other irritants, which can lead to desiccation of the nasal mucous membrane.

The crusts and scabs, which form when the nose becomes dry are
not only tiresome, they can also be very painful. The risk of infection
can also be higher when the nose is dried out. Breathing as well as
our sense of smell and taste are also impaired. Many feel this to be a significant encroachment on their quality of life.

If the nasal mucous membrane is dry (rhinitis sicca), it feels inflamed
and sore. A so-called dry cold is the result. Instead of producing more liquid in order to maintain the moist environment in the nose, the mucous membrane merely produces a poorly cleaning secretion.

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