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Drug dependency

When the nose wants to get away from depending
on nasal sprays?

There are many nasal sprays and ointments, which reduce swelling
of the nasal mucous membrane and unblock the nose as a result.

The long-term or permanent use of these products, however, can
dry the nasal mucous membrane out: it swells up again in order to
increase blood circulation. Nasal breathing is restricted and the nose becomes ?blocked?. If this blocked nose is then treated again with the
decongestant, a vicious circles begins and the nose becomes
dependent on the product. This is known as rhinitis medicamentosa.
The nasal mucous membrane gets drier and more irritated and can
suffer permanent damage as a result.

The only way out of this vicious circle is withdrawal. You can do this
with products that care for the nasal mucous membrane.

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